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Transparent LED film screens, also known as transparent LED displays or LED transparent screens, are innovative display technologies that combine the benefits of transparent materials with the capabilities of LED technology. These screens have the unique ability to display content while maintaining the transparency of the glass or acrylic surface they are applied to.

Here are some key features and aspects of transparent LED film screens:

Transparency: The primary advantage of transparent LED film screens is their ability to maintain high transparency levels. The LEDs used in these screens are arranged in a manner that allows light to pass through them, making the display see-through when not actively displaying content.

LED Technology: Transparent LED film screens utilize light-emitting diode (LED) technology to produce the visual content. LED technology offers high brightness, contrast, and color saturation, ensuring vibrant and eye-catching visuals.

Flexible and Thin: The LED film screens are typically flexible and thin, allowing them to be easily applied to various surfaces such as glass windows, acrylic panels, or even curved structures. This flexibility enables creative and versatile display installations.

High Resolution: Transparent LED film screens can achieve high resolution, offering crisp and detailed images or videos. The resolution depends on the specific product or manufacturer, but advancements in LED technology have made it possible to achieve impressive image quality.

Transparency Control: Transparent LED film screens usually offer transparency control, allowing users to adjust the level of transparency when needed. This feature enables customization according to the specific requirements of the application or environment.

Interactive Capabilities: Some transparent LED film screens support interactive functionality, enabling touch-sensitive input. This feature allows users to interact directly with the display, opening up possibilities for engaging experiences and interactive installations.

Applications: Transparent LED film screens find applications in various industries and settings. They are commonly used in retail stores, shopping malls, museums, airports, showrooms, trade shows, and other locations where an attention-grabbing display is desired without obstructing the view through windows or other transparent surfaces.

LED Film & Smart Glass


Product offered by CCNG

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  1. Classic Self Adhesive Smart Film
  2. Self Adhesive Ultra transparency Smart Film With Hard Coating
  3. PNLC Smart Film
  4. Dye Liquid Crystal Film

Smart Films
Smart film (hereinafter referred to as self adhesive smart film) is covered with adhesive (AB glue) on one side of the smart film, which is used to fit the target glass.

  • What is Smart Film

Smart film is a new type of electronic light control product. The electronically controlled smart film is a liquid crystal/polymer hybrid material injected in the middle of two transparent conductive films.
PDLC film in the absence of an electric field, the electronically controlled smart film is in an opaque state. PNLC film different from normal PDLC smart film, the working principle of PNLC film is opaque-power on, clear power off.

  • How Does it Work

When an alternating current is applied, the liquid crystal molecules are arranged in an orderly manner, at which point the electrically controlled dimming film changes from an:

>. opaque state (OFF) to

>.A transparent state (ON).

Widely used in offices, hotels, banks, hospitals, shops, clubs, villas and other places.

Benefits include:

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Note: Self-adhesive PDLC films must not come into contact with water,
otherwise they will be scrapped.

Products offered by CCNG

LED Film
  1. LED Glass transparent display
  2. LED Film
  3. UTD AR
  4. UTR AR

What is LED Glass

LED Glass is made into a unit module using the Become -In technology, and through the splicing module can form any size LED display, displaying text, image, video and other images. The screen size, grayscale, color can be adjusted, with multiple expansion of high-tech display products, while having the characteristics of permeability, fashion, beauty, thin and light.

What is LED Film

LED transparent film is also called photoelectric film. This technology is a light and transparent display film
made of RGB-LED , which are surface-attached to the film substrate and then packaged by film pressure.
The LED film produced by this technology has Film thickness < 2mm. LED film has a number of advantages such as cuttable and splicable, multiple customized models, flat front and back, high transparency, good durability and easy maintenance.

Widely used in glass curtain wall, brand chain store, commercial center, exhibition display, window, space decoration and other places

Benefits Include:

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